Carlyle Thompson (ISBN 9783981347487) September, 2015 Hello Mr. Ullmann I received my copies of the ‘Who's Who Fine Art Photographers’ on yesterday and I was very happy. Thank you very much, job well done. All the images are beautiful and amazing. Please let me thank you for everything Mr. Ullmann. May success be with you always and God continue to bless you. Thanks again, Carlyle Thompson Angelica Jerzewski (ISBN 9783981347487) September, 2015 Dear Jörg Ullmann, Since I today received the much-awaited edition of Who´s Who in Visual Art - Fine Art Photographers Vol. 2015-2016, I'ld like to express my enthusiasm for the fine selection of works in the book and thank you and the entire team. An outstanding collection of most different artistic styles in superb printing quality very attractingly presented! I herewith want to express my best congratulations along with all my best wishes for the deserved success  with this book. With best regards and many thanks for your extensive and responsible work Angelica Jerzewski Peter Binz (ISBN 9783981347487) September, 2015 Dear Mr Ullmann! I received the book last Friday. It's well designed and really interesting. My compliments to you and your team. With best regards, Peter Binz John Burge (ISBN 9783981347470) 27 July, 2015 Dear Ulrich, I'm sorry that I've taken longer than I should have to write and thank you for the ' Fifty Masters '. My parcel arrived safely a fortnight ago as did the three books to Spain. You have produced a lovely volume. The artwork is beautifully reproduced and the overall design is spacious and most importantly for a small book, crisp and clear. I approached your offer with a slight degree of scepticism, ( I'm always doubtful when it comes to the internet ), but you have been completely straightforward and professional. Please keep me in mind if you are considering any further projects and if I ever manage to catalogue my wayward career then perhaps we can talk about producing a monograph. I hope this letter finds you well and deep into your next project. This has certainly been a success. Kindest regards, John Jorge Garcia y Mas (ISBN 9783981347470) 17 July, 2015 Dear Ulrich Goette Himmelblau, we are entirely carried away by your absolutely convincing publication, the quality of the print and layout have come off beautifully, the unconventional dimension contrasts pleasantly with the standard average. Definitely, the “50 Masters of Realistic Imagery” will occupy a noteworthy place in our private collection. We thank you very much, indeed!!! Katrin Alvarez (ISBN 9783981347470) 27 March, 2015 Your books, dear Ulrich Goette Himmelblau, stand out from the strong market of related publications. Unfortunately, nowadays there're too many editors who just lack the instinct for a high level of artistic qualities. The more your save sense for what is quality in the arts is always appreciable. Warm regards, Katrin Alvarez
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